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We are specialist suppliers of antique and classic cast iron French stoves dating from the 19th century to the 1950's. Wood Burners, Multifuels, Large stoves, Small stoves, Workshop & home Garage stoves, Loft stoves and Decorative stoves, with most in high quality Antique Enamel.
We have travelled tens of thousands of miles in Europe locating them, and our sources are as varied as the stoves themselves with often a story behind a find... sometime poignant, often funny. The stoves can range from museum quality to full restoration projects with just about everything in between, so we are confidant that we have stoves for most tastes and pockets.
Antique and classic stoves come in many shapes sizes and enamel colours, there are a few examples on this page. They can load fuel from the side the top or front and may be fuelled with wood or coal/coke/anthracite... sometimes all. Some are so powerful they will burn almost anything that is combustible!

Most French and Belgian stoves were cast in foundries centered on the Ardennes region with some similar styles appearing from the Eifel area of Germany.

The high quality fine casting with the artistry in design and remarkable enamel work marks out the stoves from this region and era from stove production from elsewhere in the world with a few companies having survived to this day... De Dietrich, Deville, Rosieres and Godin plus one or two others.
We have over time collected a large number of original catalogues which helps us date and quantify many of the stoves we have for sale, even to the point of spare part numbers and the cost of the stove when new! We are happy to share this information with you if we have the relevant catalogue and will give you a copy of the relevant catalogue page on purchase of a stove from us.

Please remember that all the stoves we sell are at least 50 years old, many are more than 100 years old and allow for that. That so many are still intact is a testament to the love and care which was shown to them, coupled to the fact that most were very high quality which isn't always achieved today, but it's possible that there maybe enamel scratches or even cracks in the castings which is just part of the history of a particular stove, in most cases the stoves still function in the manner they were designed to when originally cast.

The styles and designs reflected the tastes of the period with Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Minimalism and Fifties Retro all featuring strongly in stove design and may be viewed in our growing photo gallery.

After searching years we found this startling addition to our personal stove collection, a Jazz multifuel stove by the French foundry Nanquette.
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The design was inspired the the alarm clock maker Jaz, was there ever such an outrageous style statement by a stove, we don't think so. Over the coming weeks and months we will add more photos of stoves from our own collection... watch this space.
Our criteria for stove collecting is simple, is it either very rare, very unusual, very beautiful, technically superior, or just plain bizarre. We are not quite sure where the Jazz fits in that list.

When waiting for a bus for ages along come 2... This fabled stove which we couldn't track down for more than a decade now has a companion, and found within 10 km of where we found the first one!
How far would you travel...
to buy an antique French stove ?  Georg Säärelä and his wife drove by car from Lapland in northern Finland to collect a beautiful blue Caloria stove from us at our French home in Central France... a return journey of more than 6600km !!
a rare and magnificent Sougland Triomphe French stove sitting in the corner of our workshop awaitng it's bronze fittings...  and the finished stove   ~   yes it sold
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personal stove
Does this inspire you to buy an antique stove?

Here is an extract from an email sent to us by a European customer... " Now I finally got my job done,and there s a light in the stove. I got the stove home in a perfect condition...  I placed it in our bedroom there, at the second floor, and I can tell you that the room become my favorite in the house,because of the stove. It`s absolutely beautiful and it gives a special atmosphere... watching the fire in the dark,  for the first time I didn`t feel  cold in the room. We got the first snow here,and the winter is right behind the corner...
Faure Gallia

Cheminee inset stove

In our workshop for a full overhaul and new nickel plate for the trim.

Now sold
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Another addition to our personal stove collection. a cheminee styled stove with the fabulous name of Siberia from Niledo
Rarely have the 'wings' used on cheminee stoves looked more dramatic than here.
The colour is that special honey brown used early and late in French antique stove production, when lit the yellow flame will complement the enamel beautifully.
As it was only lighty used we will service the Siberia to safe working order, it will heat our lobby... one day

Bargain Project Stoves

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If you are a practical person we have many stoves available for you to fix yourself. Work required will range from servicing to major repairs and anything in between.
The range of Antique French Project stoves available covers all types, shapes, sizes and colours, we have hundreds in stock.
If you need advice or an opinion on how to fix one of our stoves just ask, it's what we are here for.

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Chaboche Salamandre ~ Louis XV

We have found another large cheminee stove which was designed by an engineer, but with flair. In hard to find emamel finish we have searched long and hard to find this beauty
Phenix No.2
This ultra rare cylinder stove from A. Peyre-Gough of Paris is a recent addition, superb proportions.
Choubersky figurine c. 1880
This is another rare sight, a c.1880's Choubersky stove complete with all it's fittings. Choubersky was an emigre Russian engineer of the highest quality who was also an inventor. He realised that during the Belle Epoque there were others better suited to art and design and employed various artists to be creative with his technical ideas. This is a wheeled stove featuring a pair of these figures, one each side that hinge down parallel to the surface to act as warming trivets. Such an amazing amount of fine design and detailed casting put into a technical master class. These stoves are highly sought after in France and hard to find, almost impossible as a complete stove.
Deville Emilia ~ the perfect Art Deco French stove design?

The latest addition to our collection  ~  De Dietrich ' Onyx ' - France
Just love the clean lines and the Post Horn at the center of the window

Coste CauMartin ' Delta '