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Griffin  ~  France (early 1800's)
#2325  Griffin .......... sold

A smaller antique French fire back depicting a mythical Griffin shown in the earlier style of Eagle head and Lion legs. This link gives an interesting description of the Griffin origin and use in Heraldry 

In excellent condition and without damage, quite remarkable considering it's age. This was cast using simple proceedures, but is very well made even so, and the detail in the Griffin is simply stunning (see larger photos). We have recently refurbished the the front face but have left the rear in it's original condition. Note: The lines seen in the lower part of the fire back are casting marks and not cracks.

This original beautifully crafted  cast iron fire back was found by ourselves near to Avignon, and we believe is quite rare due to the subject matter (we have neither seen or heard of another fireback depicting a Griffin). With it's smaller proprtions it will fit many fire places. A wonderful historic item.
19.75" x 19.4" x 0.63" (W x H x Th)  
19 kgs
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Angel  ~  France (early 1800's)
" x " x " (W x H x Th)  
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£275  GBP

Small and beautifully cast religious fire back from France.  c. early 1800's.

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Empire  ~  France (1800's)
£165  GBP

An original medium sized Napoleon III ' Empire ' fireback in very good condition for it's age. A typical thin wall casting from around the 1852-1870 period, decorated with simple classical pillars after the style of the period.

Apart from some fire wear (quite normal after 150 years), this high quality casting has stood the ravages of time very well and although it is in ' as found ' condition, the detail stands out well. More detail would come out of  the fireback if it were refurbished.

A close-up photo showing ancient paint and carbon deposits can be seen on the photo page, just click on the image left.

20.3" x 20" x 0.43" (W x H x Th - nominal)
18.5 kgs
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St Peter  ~  France (1800's)

A large antique cast iron fireback from the early 1800's, maybe earlier, in very good condition.
It has an unusual feature sometimes seen of a ringbolt through the center of the panel (I'm not sure of the purpose but my guess is to chain a large outer log to stop it rolling from the fire. Any information on this would be appreciated).

This fireback is currently in 'as found' condition but will undergo a light refurbishment over the next week or so to show the full beauty and detail of this wonderful find, more photos to follow

24" x 23.8" (W x H - nominal)
33 kgs
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Pillars & Sun .......... sold

This is a fine example of an antique 19C French cast iron fire back. It has one very minor flaw, an almost invisible (to the naked eye) hairline crack, a close-up photo will be posted later. This crack will neither affect it's appearance nor it's effectiveness when used.
Pillars & Sun?  ~  France (mid 1800's)
557mm x 546mm x 13mm (H x W x Th - nominal)
21.5 kgs
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25.4" x 19.7" x 1.7" (W x H x Th)  
35.5 kgs
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Phoenix  ~  France
£225  GBP     sold

The photos tell almost everything about this signed fireback. Depicting a Phoenix rising from the ashes, quote "a thing of surpassing beauty or quality" and it is certainly that. However the light falls on the relief, the 3 dimensional effect appears dramatic.

Found near Mont Blanc, this wonderful French cast iron fireback appears to be a specially commissioned design and casting which is signed 'VER'. (we have recently discovered the artist is 'Raymond Verdu' )

The casting is of very high quality and at the deepest part of the relief is 1 3/4" thick! and it goes without saying it is very heavy.

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