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Project stoves requiring minor or major attention for the 2016 - 2017 season

*  All types of stoves suitable for practical or professional people to complete themselves

*  Most project stoves are suitable to be used with bio-ethanol fuel without repair, alteration or flue pipe

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*  Help and advice to complete one of our project stoves freely given

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*  We can supply a kit of service items if required

*  Low cost project stoves give an opportunity to the practical and technically minded to obtain a good stove at reduced cost.
#2151   Deville 'Osaka' 620 ~ cheminee multi-fuel   listed ebay

A dramatic cheminee inset stove design from Deville, suitable for service and a little repair. Ice blue enamel in generally very good condition, marking to the door panel and a little chipping around the hearth (photos).
Riddler arm missing, ash can fascia good but steel box requires replacement, panels are excellent. Suitable for someone with mechanical ability or very good DIY'er.

H - 665mm   W - 605mm   D - 435mm (inc flue spigot)
#1557              FAVA 50-150 wood burner               sold

High gloss enamel in red brown mainly very good. Some spillage to lid and a few chips. Requires a service plus the rear inner steel heat deflector to be remade (a fairly simple piece of metal work). Front window mica has been replaced with a steel plate sealed by cement, the small window in the door requires replacement. Further details & extra photos on request.

H - 515mm   W - 537mm   D - 338mm (inc flue spigot)

#1688         Godin 369 Radiolette ~ multi-fuel         sold

Great stove! ...  shame about the lid. This was a very nice stove before something heavy was apparently dropped on it! Startling blue, robust quality build, very functional will burn all solid fuels, good size too. Service only to put back into safe working condition, perhaps could be used as an extremely practical workshop stove? Further details and extra photo on request.

H - 650mm   W - 505mm   D - 425mm (inc flue spigot)
#1621                          Ciney No.15                          sold

Ciney multi-fuel in the Streamline Moderne style. Suitable for decoration or can be used with a Bio-Ethanol burner for heat & effect without any repair. It is also possible to make a major repair for use with solid fuels. Rear manifold cracked in 3 places requires a new casting, plus 1 of 2 access panels missing also requires a new casting. Most other mechanical features complete and in working order.

H - 692mm   W - 442mm   D - 488mm
#2677                 Olsberger-Hutte 6038                 sold

1950's Retro stove. Very heavy & heavy duty multi-fuel stove from Germany which needs a small service and is ready to go.
Enamel is good to very good, brown is gloss & cream is satin. A rare front loader (upper front door) makes this very practical. All moving parts are in working order, no visible casting damage & well engineered.

H - 610mm   W - 445mm   D - 320mm
#2308       Mirus ~ beautiful small wood burner       listed ebay
Our view is this is the most beautiful of all the range of Mirus wood burning stoves. Very fine castings and the pinacle of Art Nouveau desingn. Requires refurbishment and a service. Heat deflectors inside the firebox need full repair. Enamel is superb although loading door has heat damage, colour is rich Royal Blue through to Indigo. Removable lid has a very small crack (not structural) , but this is a lfine project stove.

H - 540mm   W - 472mm   D - 300mm (inc flue spigot)
#2306  Coste CauMartin (CCA) 'Delta' ~ robust multi-fuel  £35

A substantial and distictive post Art Deco styled multi-fuel stove which requires a major crack repair on the firebox front panel (behind the door) plus a full service and another couple of minor repairs. Very well built stove with a good sized firebox for it's dimensions, would make a very elegant worksjop stove. Colour is very dark Brown. Further details & extra photos on request.

H - 610mm   W - 420mm   D - 400mm
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#2141   Magny Vernois ~ wood burner / multi-fuel  sold

A hybrid stove designed to burn either wood or coal & coke. Un-clip the MF base grate center and fit the wood burning base center makes the change from one fuel type to another. Un-clip the entire base grate assembly and you have a full size wood burner. Enamel good, service only required, complete undamaged stove. Further details and extra photo on request.

H - 491mm   W - 525mm   D - 340mm (inc flue spigot)
#2239          De Dietrich Americain No.749          sold

Suitable workshop or...?, a very heavy duty multi-fuel stove with large firebox. Requires repair and service. Little used, technically superb, front RH foot was damaged by family trying to help in our absence. Fine crack on flue manifold (no sign of gas leakage and may not require repair). Top qulaity stove designed to heat larger areas. Further details & extra photos on request.

H - 711mm   W - 435mm   D - 505mm (inc flue spigot)
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