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Project stoves requiring minor or major attention for the summer / autumn / winter 2019 seasons

*  All types of French stove suitable for practical or professional people to complete themselves

*  Most project stoves are suitable to be used with BioEthanol fuel without repair, alteration or flue pipe

*  Extra detail & detailed photos available on demand...  email us at      or  here

*  Help and advice to complete one of our project stoves freely given

*  All stoves listed here can be included as part of our next delivery, for dates see ~ here

*  We can supply a kit of service items if required

*  Low cost project stoves give an opportunity to the practical and technically minded to obtain a good stove at reduced cost.

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H - 675 mm      W - 595 mm      D - 442 mm (inc flue spigot)
#2762    Rosieres 230 ~ small multi-fuel or BioEthanol

currently for sale on ebay - see link above

Very nice compact stove requiring minor repair and a service to use as was intended (burning anthracite, small logs or wood pellets), or convert to BioEthanol requiring no flue or fireplace.

More detail soon...

Available...  next delivery - October 2019

H - 520 mm    W - 330 mm    D - 325 mm (inc flue spigot)
#1637     Godin 117  ~  BioEthanol or woodburner
Tall elegant multi-fuel tower stove - very good


Details and extra photos to follow soon...

After servicing and a repair this quality Godin is ready to use as an anthracite or wood burner, or convert to BioEthanol burning which does not require a flue pipe or chimney.

Available...  next delivery - October 2019

H -  850mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)
#2612     Deville Lily X 3450 ~ Art Deco version of Lily


The rare and striking colour for this Lily X perfectly suits the style.

Detail to follow.

H -  mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)

H -  mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)
#2704      Sougland Triomphe Cheminee French stove
Suitable for decoration or BioEthanol conversion


Very beautiful large Cheminee style multi-fuel stove that is missing a few interior parts. The enamel is not quite as good as the photos show, there is some staining and a little chipping. The design and dramatic colour allow the stove to be seen as in the photos. No panel damage although the ash can fascia has been replaced. It is possible to convert this stove to BioEthanol use (this removes the need for a flue pipe). An engineer could fabricate the missing parts needed to burn solid fuels. We recommend decoration or a bio conversion as the best use for this stove.
More detail & extra photos available + another 3 Triomphes for service or restoration ~ black / golden tan / forest green, please ask.

#2582   Deville 452 'Regalia' ~ exquisit Art Nouveau detail

Rare big sister of the famed Deville Lily ~ enamel vibrant,
a masterpiece of stove art


Either serviced and minor repairs to re-use as a multi-fuel stove, or convert to BioEthanol use where no flue or fireplace is required.

Further detail and photos to follow...

Available...  next delivery - October 2019

H - 710 mm      W - 545 mm      D - 414 mm (inc flue spigot)
#2758    Arthur Martin 'Derby' (France) ~ woodburner


A tall, early 1900's wood burning tower stove from the Arthur Martin foundry. Overall in very nice condition throughout with heavy duty castings (usual for Arthur Martin). Requires a service and a simple flat plate fabricated. Large fuel door under the lid, a second more convenient at the top of the front panel. Quality enamel with well proportioned design, a practical working stove when serviced. Comes complete with an original operating tool.

Extra photos and detail to follow...

Available...  next delivery - early September 2019

#2155     Godin ~ open cast-iron coal box or scuttle - rare


Godin France beatifully made robust cast iron coal box or scuttle. This medium to small sized fireside container for small logs, wood pellets, coal or anthracite is a very elegant fire or stove accessory.
Dated either side of WWI  so around 100 years old. It is very hard to find an open / topless scuttle and especially one in excellent condition without damage.
Used as a working piece or decorative item, good looking addition to any room. Extra photos available, please ask.
Collection from Rayleigh, Essex or possible delivery by our own transport, please ask.

Available...  next delivery - October 2019

L - 525 mm      W - 265 mm      H - 190 mm      Wt - 8.2 kgs
#2280    Rosieres 431 'Cadillac'  ~  stylized small stove
suitable for workshop shed garage


A small but large capacity multi-fuel stove with enamel staining on most panels. Easy repair to firebox required and a service. Good sized fuel loading door.
Colour, dark brown with pale yellow

More detail to follow...

Extra photos available, please ask

Available...  next delivery - October 2019

H - 548 mm      W - 364 mm      D - 391 mm (inc flue spigot)
H - 740 mm      W - 620 mm      D - 450 mm (inc flue spigot)

Available...  next delivery - October 2019
#1859    Pied Selle 260 l'Aigle (Eagle) cheminee stove
m/f or BioEthanol - service and minor repairs required


Details and extra photos to follow...

Available...  next delivery - October 2019

H -  mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)

H - 1050 mm     W - 400 mm     D - 380 mm (inc flue spigot)
#2486     Deville 600 cheminee ~ multi-fuel stove or BioEthanol conversion in overall vg condition


One of stars of the Deville range of 1920/30s stoves, This is the mid size version of their Art Nouveau cheminee line. Enamel is very nice indeed, a golden honey brown which glows. Suitable for multi-fuel use after a service and one repair, or convert to BioEthanol burner where no chimney or flue required.
Designed as an inset stove where the enamel body projects out beyond the front of a fire opening, this is a wheeled model.
Coming soon further details and full photo set.
Any questions please ask.......

Available...  next delivery - October 2019
#2303    St Nicolas " Shamrock "   ~   exceptional!

Irish style m/f stove - suitable for Bio Ethanol conversion


A small foundry 'Forges & Fonderies de Saint-Nicolas' of Revin, France produced this superb Caloriferes Irlandais tower stove, it has buckets of presence. Originally designed for coal, anthracite and small pieces of wood, now has the option of being converted to Bio Ethanol use with no flue pipe required. It can still be used as a woodburner with small pieces of wood or pellets, clean burn anthracite or peat.
This 1930 stove is currently undergoing cleaning, evaluation and photography, details in a few days. A stove for Ireland?

Available now...  or next delivery

H - 873 mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)
#2256     Rosieres 200 cheminee - France  ~  inset stove


A large and unusual Rosieres cheminee stove. This is a wheeled model which enabled it to be moved from room to room where ever heat was required. It includes a manual brake for the front wheel to lock it to the position it was sited.
The finish is a heatproof dark charcoal, not enamel.

Further detail plus extra photos to follow...

Available...  next delivery - early September 2019

H - 748 mm      W - 630 mm      D - 527 mm (inc flue spigot)
#2260    1927 Coste CauMartin Lacanche ~ cuisiniere multi-fuel


A large French multi-fuel cuisiniere, suitable for warming plates, dishes or for a slow cooker. There are 2 hotplates under the lid and a small oven. This type of stove can make a long duration heater too if used with slow burning anthracite, ouput in the region of 2 - 2.5kW.
Beautiful traditional design in striking forest green enamel, decorated with small hand painted tiles showing Thistles in flower.
Requires small repairs to the oven and a full service to ensure it can be used safely. Both side panels have some heat damage and has chipped enamel on various surfaces, but none of this affects the overall look. Use...  small capacity heater or decoration. Extra photos available.

H - 925 mm      W - 560 mm      D - 420 mm (inc flue spigot)
H - 718 mm    W -  mm    D -  mm (inc flue spigot)
#2436     Les Fonderies Franco-Belges 'Belflam' - France
Unusual style mix of Art Deco & Gothic ~
suitable for decoration or BioEthanol conversion


A very unusual and rarely seen stove that we never tire of looking at. This stove has a design and style not seen on any other we have come across, a real rarity. Colour is grey-taupe, in the main the enamel is in very good condition. Lug damage to the upper firebox excludes a cost effective return to burning solid fuels, better for decoration or for a Bio conversion (this removes the need for a chimney or flue pipe). Any questions please ask.

Available...  next delivery - October 2019
Direct from storage
During cleaning
#2584    Rosieres Comita 2 ~ practical m/f or woodburner stove in overall very nice condition - service required


French stove with Art Deco design and high quality build makes this Comita a very desirable practical stove. Will burn smaller pieces of wood, pellets and anthracite equally well, and if BioEthanol is your fuel the Comita is very suitable for conversion (this removes the need for a flue pipe).

Another Comita is available in Forest Green, please enquire.

More detail and photos to follow.....

Available now...  or next delivery

H - 645 mm      W - 414 mm      D - 347 mm (inc flue spigot)

H - 620 mm   W - 388 mm   D - 350 mm (inc flue spigot & hearth)
#2629    Caloria No.1 'Antinia' France   ~   Stunning!
Pure Art Deco - think New York City skyscrapers


Small and perfectly formed masterpiece from Caloria. Multi-fuel stove in excellent condition inside and out, service only required. Possible to convert to BioEthanol use, no flue or chimney required. Complete with original operating tool, in a warm golden honey brown.

More detail and extra photos coming soon, contact us with any questions.

Available...  next delivery - October 2019
#2637    Rosieres Calcar No.16 ~ GIANT woodburner or m/f stove


One of the largest stoves we have, a huge wood and multi-fuel tower stove from Rosieres. For example, this stove will take a log 700mm long, not many in our experience current or antique can do this.
Came to us with the top section removed from the body, it was dismantled correctly, all parts are with. The stove is photod as it came to us, dirty, dusty and with a coat of a light wax film for storage. The golden brown enamel will clean very very well as Rosieres are renown for their enamel quality. The central base grate requires replacement, a service and refitting the top section. Extra detail & photos available.

Available now...  or next delivery

H - 1075 mm      W - 380 mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)

#1949     Rosieres 431 'Cadillac'  ~  stylized small stove


Available...  next delivery - May 2019

H -  mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)
#2145    CCA (Coste CauMartin) 'Delta' ~ superb m/f or wood burning stove


This Coste CauMartin multi-fuel French stove has a heavy duty and robust build. There's nothing clunky about it's style though, a swoopy design and aerodynamic shape makes the Delta a classic of design, a joy to look at. If it was not for the simple fact that the seals now need to be checked and re-sealed (where neccessary due to age) it would be up and ready to go. Excellent firebox for the size of the stove and good sized fuel loading door too. Complete with both original tools and removable hopper that's used with wood pellets or anthracite. Hopper removed for wood burning.

Available now...  or next delivery

H - 610 mm      W - 420 mm      D - 400 mm (inc flue spigot)
#2399     Sougland 491  ~  hand painted panels
Tower stove, superb condition, service required


Details and photos soon...

Available...  next delivery - May 2019

H -  mm      W -  mm      D -  mm (inc flue spigot)