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Deville Lily - France
this stove sold - another refurbed available
another wonderful example
Deville Lily - France
pale blue/sea green vg condition
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Deville Lily - France
this stove sold - another in stock
another magnificent Liy
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Faure ' Finland ' - France
compact practical beauty + pipes
' Lisa ' - France
sharp royal blue 'cheminee'


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Deville Millefeux - France
small stylish multifuel ~ ex
Godin 159-1  -  France
small & very pretty Godin
A Haineaux Fils & Co 'Eno' - France
wonderful Delta style Art Deco stove
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A Belgian stove from the master foundry Les Fonderies Bruxelloises. Difficult to date as the interior is very similar to 1920's but the style is all 1940's and 1950's. It's either way ahead of it's time in design or the foundry were using tried and tested internals 30 years after first use.
If this is your style this stove is unmatched, the colour the best of Majolica brown enamel. The proportions are just superb, it looks good from every single angle. Please note: the depth and width dimensions do not include the hearth.
There is an enamel chip at the front of the hearth and a firebox lug repair to be made on each side of the firebox.
The photos are of the stove as it came to us but with a light clean.

Sold ' as is '  .....  now sold
H 627mm x W 357mm x D 462mm

Full body off restoration...  £985      or    sold in ' as is ' condition...  £485
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Here is a small master-piece from the French foundry Faure, it's a front loading wood burner the ' Rapid ' .

There are many aspects that make this stove exceptional

Very very detailed castings finished in high quality enamel

The feet are as beautiful as any we have ever seen including claw detail

Front loading as an antique wood burner

Unique style in so much as we can't put the design into any category although there are elements of Empire and early Arts & Crafts.
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FAR Chevron  -  France
Citroen HY van style m/f stove ~ excellent
Deville LilyDeville Lily - France
magnificent Lily in pale blue
P Genevee ~ Perfector ' Riff ' - France
option to buy 'as is' or restored
front loading Deco Nouveau wood burner
Vy-le-Ferroux- France
luminous honey brown enamel - v rare
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#2205         Les Fonderies Bruxellesoises No.382
H 730mm x W 602mm x D 478mm
#2570         St Nicolas A120

Here is a stove from Saint Nicolas which was the fore runner of similar designs from other French foundries. Particularly popular as simple to operate, front loading, will handle coal coke and smaller logs equally well. Add to this an enormous window area and it's not difficult to see why this type of stove is always sought after. The golden brown enamel suits this stove very much.
Superb original condition with no damage, this stove lends itself well to either a basic service through to a complete restoration as the stove has had very little use.
The photos are of the stove as it came to us but with a light clean.

Sold ' as is '  .....  now sold

Here is a collectors piece of a stove that justifies the word stunning. Design, proportion, size, condition and colour help make this Sougland No.462 a very desirable stove.
As usual for this section the stove is shown in it's ' as is ' condition, there are chips, the brightwork is now faded, the firebox requires a little attention as does the flue outlet, nothing that most of the un-restored stoves of 80-90 years old don't need. Offered as all stoves in this section either in fully rebuilt conditon or ' as is '
The photos are of the stove as it came to us but with a light clean.

Sold ' as is '  .....  now sold
#2525         Sougland No.462
H 790mm x W 380mm x D 450mm
H 643mm x W 475mm x D 325mm